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Recruitment 4 Love Inc. is Canada's premier full-service matchmaking and dating agency for busy professionals.

We are a team of professional matchmakers who specialize in finding someone who is compatible with your lifestyle, likes, dislikes, schedule, and needs. Our renowned Behavioural Profiling System (BPS™) contributes to our proven success rate and we are most proud of our passionate and dedicated staff.

We realize that it is not always easy to find the time to date. Perhaps you travel a lot for your career or maybe you are ready to enter the dating scene after a divorce. Whatever your situation, you don't need to spend countless hours browsing through online ads or going to the bar every night. We take the work out of dating for you!

Recruitment 4 Love has an extensive network of pre-qualified men and women who are looking for their significant other. We are the premier full-service matchmaking and dating agency for busy professionals and we have had great success in matching couples across Canada.

Please take a look around and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Beginning

Recruitment 4 Love was born on December 8, 2008, from the hearts of single professionals living in Toronto who were looking for a change in the typical dating scene. As much as they thought online connections were great, there was too much work involved with very few rewarding personal interactions. Although they enjoyed the bar scene, it didn't offer the type of in-depth connections they were looking for. And it always seemed like the 'good catches' weren't the ones who were dating online or at the bar.

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is so hard to make that personal connection. For example, you're at a restaurant and you see that perfect guy/girl; what do you do? You don't approach them; no one does that anymore! When someone actually does work up the courage to approach you, it automatically gives off the wrong vibe (over-confidence, desperation, etc.) or it's just plain uncomfortable. Most importantly, if there is a real connection made, how often is that connection lost through mixed signals and miscommunication?

This is exactly why Recruitment 4 Love was created. Toronto needed something that was astronomically different in the dating scene, without the astronomical price tag.

What Makes Us Different

I know what you're thinking: Oh no, not another dating agency! However, we're unlike any other dating agency out there.

• We make promises we can keep.
• We offer a single, competitive flat fee for an unlimited annual membership.
• Customer service is the backbone of this company; you always get a live voice and returned phone calls by your consultant.
• Our staff is passionate, dedicated, and extremely professional with backgrounds in psychology, behavioral biology, human resources & recruiting, and relationship management.

We take matters of the heart very seriously because we operate this business from the heart. The whole reason we are here is because we know there is someone for everyone, and that no one should settle. If settling is okay with you, this is not your agency.

Recruitment 4 Love Inc. combines cutting edge technology and classic match-making methods with our renowned Behavioural Profiling System (BPS™). If you would like to meet someone through a friend you trust, consider us your new best friend. We not only take the time to get to know you and what makes you tick, we also do that for your perfect match. It's flawless really. As well, we are there with you every step of the way: from when the times are good, to when the times are great; we are there to listen to your funny first date stories, your not-so-funny meeting the family stories, and of course, to fill a seat at your wedding! (Just kidding, we don't really expect an invitation).

There is someone for everyone. It is our purpose to find that 'someone' for you!